CHIYODA ENAMEL06-M Men's Luxury Gold Watch Enamel Painting Waterproof Automatic Watch with Swiss Movement Leather Strap Belt Watch

CHIYODA ENAMEL06-M Men's Luxury Gold Watch Enamel Painting Waterproof Automatic Watch with Swiss Movement Leather Strap Belt Watch

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Product Features:

1. Quality Swiss Movement- Adopted with Swiss ETA2892A2 movement. It is quality, powerful and durable for years use. and it ensures a precise time-keeping and powerful movement of the second hand. Powered by a battery.  

2. Delicate Enamel Dial-Classical 18K gold watch case with delicate enamel painting dial, this luxury watch is so precious and elegant to exude an antique charm. the delicate and the rare make it more than a watch, but a stunning artwork and a luxury estate jewelry.

3. Delicate and Excellent Craftsmanship-Look at the clean dial; you will find brightly colored painting with traditional heritage. the pattern is vivid and the lines are smooth, thus making the watch a highly ornamental with personalized style.

4. Simple, Elegant and Clear-A classical 41.5mm case with scratch-resistant sapphire glass cover ensures an easy time reading and clear viewing. the shining golden bezel is decorated with a bold or elegant pattern, which creates a watch of timeless elegance.

5. Perfect personalized gift- it is so gorgeous, precious and memorized. Perfect for birthdays, anniversary, graduation, retirement, wedding party, promotion, business meeting, and other milestone celebrations. Warranty is 18 months. You can return it to get 80% money back 1 year after the purchase day. All personalized watch need 30 days to finish.

Product Details:

MaterialGold, Enamel
Swiss ETA2892A2
FeatureWater Resistant

Product Specifications:

Not all the watch can be called luxury watch although they said they are, but all watch that with enamel crafts and gold will definitely be valuable and high-end. Chiyoda gold watch must be a classic example of the combination of jewelry and art, a perfect mix of luxury and elegant.  

Painstaking Work and Delicate SkillEmerged Timeless Classical

Ready to show your personalized style to others and enjoy their gazing? Wearing this Chiyoda gold watch, you will touch the elegant soul from centuries ago with this precious enamel painting. Each layer of enameling go through high temperatures in special ovens, and an artisan with excellent skill paint them, bit by bit, color by color with multiple layers. It is so gorgeous and delicate to present your noble and gentility. 

Time May Change Your Memory, but A GoldWatch Will Keep It Forever

Everlasting treasure will not fade over time but will be more attractive and precious as what it experienced. Wearing luxury inspires people to remember important moments. Let this enamel gold watch witness your precious moment, and light up the important occasion like a commitment to love, a wedding, an anniversary, graduation or promotion.                                                                                                              

Your Precious Time Deserves a Better Timepiece

A timepiece not just tell us the time but also record every moment. Every quarter in your life will be clearly reflected in the movement of the hands, the tickings. Do not let those cheap and fake watch waste your precious time, try this high quality and beautiful watch. Real Swiss Movement, provides your more accuracy, reliability and precious memory.  

CHIYODA Mens Luxury Gold Watch Enamel Painting Automatic Watch with Swiss Movement Leather Strap Enamel 06

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