SHOWAY SHO-TPMS01K Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems with 4 External Cap Sensors

SHOWAY SHO-TPMS01K Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems with 4 External Cap Sensors

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Product Features:

1. Versatile System Measures More Data beside Tire Pressure: The anti-theft and waterproof sensor mounted in each of the wheels display the individual pressure, the temperature of each tire as well as the battery prepare a safe and smooth driving.  

2. To Maximize the Life and Performance oF Your Vehicle: SHOWAY TPMS display tire pressure continually to help your car run properly, and help the steering, braking, suspension, as well as speed, will not get impacted by low tire pressure. It also helps to decrease fuel economy and reduce tires abrasion caused by low tire pressure.  

3. Extend Car Charging Ports for More Devices Using: Not like the other pressure monitor that takes up your cigarette lighter port, this device provides your 4 charging ports with both USB and Cigarette Lighter ports to satisfy more of your charging needs.

4. Warn Safety Hazard with both Light and Sound: SHOWAY TPMS will warn the driver with flashing light and sound that you will never ignore when any one or more of the tires underinflated or lower than what you're present, thus to avoid your car loss of control before the tire get totally flat.

5. Get Ready Your Way on Any Road: SHOWAY TPMS will transmit you the tires pressure and temperature immediately so you can easily check and adjust your car pressure to adapt it to more environments no matter running in the desert, snow road, hot summer, puddle and so on. 

Product Details:

Brand NameSHOWAY
Max Pressure< 100 Psi
Warranty12 Months
Place of Origin

China (Mainland)

SHOWAYTPMS directly uses a pressure monitoring sensor at each tire valve stem that monitors pressure levels, temperature and battery voltage with visual and audio reminding. It will make your car safer to drive and will extend the life of your tires by preventing premature tread wear and improving gas mileage.

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